Welcome to the Dales Classic MCC website


Thank-you to all the landowners for the use of the land over the past 9 years; thanks to all the sections plotters and volunteers for helping out set up the trials and other work. 

Thank-you to the observers for giving up your time supporting the club. thanks to all riders for supporting these events. The joint venture with Dales Classic and Mansfield Maun to help promote the classic side of trialing unfortunately did not work, so now the club has been drawn to a close.

Thank-you to all from everyone at Dales Classic


  1. hope to ride the next easy trial regards shaun

  2. Me also. I’m not so confident on the normal ones. Bruce

  3. Everyone is welcome to all trials, the venues for the next easy ones are up on the calendar of events. We are also running a Mick Andrews training school soon so if you want to have more info/book in then email us. Hope to see you there!

  4. Very much enjoyed the Easy Trial today. Thanks for coming up with this idea – it’s improved my confidence a lot.

  5. Hi Bruce, I’m glad you enjoyed the trial, it’s great to hear that people are gaining confidence in the sport.

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